University and Community College

Learning Resource Center, Cuesta College North County Campus, Paso Robles, 2007-12

Student Center, Reedley College, Reedley, 2010

Study for Early Childhood Development Center, Cuesta College North County Campus, Paso Robles, 2009

Study for Student Services, Hancock College, Santa Maria, 2008

Science and Health Occupations Building, Hancock College, Santa Maria, 2007

Study for Renovation Student Services Building, Bakersfield City College 2007

Classroom Building, Reedley College, Reedley, 2006

Study for Fine Arts Complex, Hancock College, Santa Maria, 2005

Psychology East, UCSB, Santa Barbara, 2005

Allied Health/Math/Science Building, Cuesta College North County Campus, Paso Robles, 2005

Learning Resource Center, Menifee Campus, Mt. San Jacinto Community College District (in conjunction with HGA Architects) 2005

Study for Paleontology Museum and Study Center, Cuesta College North County Campus, Paso Robles, 2002

Study for Performing Arts Center, Cuesta College North County Campus, Paso Robles, 2000

Study for Communications Building, UCSB, Santa Barbara, 1995

Civic Projects

Santa Barbara Airport Terminal, Design Architect under HNTB Aviation Architects, 2011

Study for Sports Complex, “The Courthouse” Arroyo Grande, 2009

Aquatics Center, City of Ventura California 2006

Oceano Community Center, Oceano, 2006

Paso Robles Airport Terminal, 2002

Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Services Master Plan, County of

Santa Barbara, 2002

Senior Center and Veterans Memorial Building, City of Paso Robles, 2002

San Luis Obispo Addition and Renovation, County of San Luis Obispo, 2002

Study of City Hall addition, City of San Luis Obispo, California, 2000

Master Planning

Cuesta College North County Campus 20 year master plan, 1999-2001

Southeast Campus, 120 acre new campus master plan, State Center Community College District, Fresno, 2006

South Campus Master Plan, Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles, 2004

Valle Verde Retirement Community, master plan, Santa Barbara, 1998

California National Guard, Camp San Luis Obispo Youth Academy 2001

Paso Robles High School, Paso Robles, 1979-1984

Washington Elementary School, Santa Barbara, 2002

Santa Maria-Bonita School District, Master planning 12 campuses, 2004

Civic Center Master Plan, City of Arroyo Grande, 2004

Sherwood Park Master Plan, Paso Robles, 2000

Study for De La Guerra Plaza, Santa Barbara, 2001 (published in Plaza de la Guerra Reconsidered, Exhibition and Symposium, Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, 2002

Mineffe Campus Master Plan Update 2005, Mount San Jacinto Community College district, in conjunction with HGA Architects

Reedley College Master Plan Update 2009, State Center Community College District, Fresno

Elementary and High School Projects

Castaic High School Studies, buildings for the entire campus, Santa Clarita, 2006-09

Performing Arts Centers Studies for Canyon High School and

Saugus High School for the William S. Hart School District, Santa Clarita, 2008

Multipurpose Room, Paulding Middle School, Arroyo Grande, 2004

Library/Primary Grade Classrooms, Olga Reed Elementary School, Los Alamos, 2000

Multipurpose Building, Creston Elementary School, Creston, 1999

Multipurpose Building/Administration Building, Santa Margarita Elementary School, Santa Margarita, 1998

Multipurpose Building, Monte Vista Elementary School, Santa Barbara, 1998

Vieja Valley Elementary School, Santa Barbara, 1998

Gymnasium, Laguna Blanca School, Hope Ranch, 1992

Paso Robles High School, numerous buildings 1978-1989